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RSI performs two functions:

What RSI does not do:

The mission of RSI is a racing public informed of the performance of racing safety products.

RSI presents to the public, in summary format, test results provided by reseachers, manufacturers and other parties. RSI does not set design parameters nor performance standards, although performance standards are referenced where applicable. There are no members; no one joins anything or pays any fees. Donations are accepted but not from manufacturers.

1) The primary value to racers and sanctioning bodies lies in the simplified presentation of performance data, and the knowledge that data is certified by independent testing laboratories. It is the job of RSI to supply as much information as possible without overloading you with raw test data.
2) If a product has the "RSI Listed™" label, you can use this site to see how well it works. If a product has the RSI label but is not listed, there is either an error on this site, or an error in product labelling.

1) You are rewarded for making a safer product. You will never have the problem of having a label, building a safer product, and ending up with the same label you had before. If you build a safer product the world will know it.
2) Your raw test data will not be made public. RSI will maintain the confidentiality of your detailed test results. Only summary data will be presented.
3) You do not have to pay any fees. The "RSI Listed™" graphic is free for you to use on the condition that your test results are of a representative sample, or of a sample known to be at the low end of your performance spectrum, and your product meets a listed industry performance standard. You may also use the graphic if there are no accepted standards for that product category. As a manufacturer you are certifying to RSI and the racing public that the product you offer to the public is at least as good as the product tested.
4) You won't be written out of a spec.

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